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About Personal Loan

Either looking to get that latest gadget or need to refurnish your home. For the wedding expenses, vacation, educational fees or for any unforeseeable medical emergency; whatever be the need, a personal loan is the easy & fast solution for all. Loan Trust Capital provides all types of personal loans like: – Wedding Loans, Home Renovation, Holiday Loan, Fresher Funding, NRI Personal Loan & Top Up Loan.

This is an unsecured form of credit directed towards meeting immediate needs and the amount borrowed can be used for any purpose. Any of the temporary financial crises can be countered by this kind of loan facility.

Because of the convenience in using sanctioned amount for any work (unlike other home loans and medical loans), this form of credit creation is fairly popular among masses.

Get this easy and fast personal loan from Loan Trust Capital at a nominal interest rate of 9.5% to 11.5% and get all your needs fulfilled by our financial help.

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Personal Loan Products - One Loan For Any Need

Achieve all your dreams, goals & aspirations with the right kind of personal loan at the right time.

Medical Emergency

Loan Trust Capital offers you personal loan for your unexpected medical emergency. Apply & get instant personal loan for your all kind of medical emergency expenses.

Wedding Purpose

You can manage your dream marriage day with Loan Trust Capital, personal loan option. Have the grand wedding celebration of your dreams. Apply now & get personal loan for wedding purpose. Marriages are made in heaven but expenses are not.

Abroad Travel

Either needed to get a short term course abroad or just for excursion with your loved ones, we are here to help you in fulfilling all your wishes. Get the funds for the expenditure involved in going abroad. Apply for a personal loan and get going…

Renovating Home

Either required to change the interiors or to reconstruct some parts, get this personal loan for all such purpose. Loan Trust Capital will help you felicitate a personal loan for total home improvement and refurbishing.

Child Educations

Child Education has become expensive and sometime needs sudden unplanned money for short term. Loan Trust Capital  provides such short term personal loan to fund child education.  We provides child loan for pursuing higher career oriented courses.

Latest Gadgets

Craving for that latest IPhone, or the MacBook or that dream bike, get any of your wish fulfilled at once, with Loan Trust Capital get your latest gadgets financed with best personal loan offers.

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Features of Personal Loan

All loans are not created equal, personal loan has become a great option for people to use.

Faster Loan

Robust system and user-friendly interface helps customer in fast accessing of our services. Short verification process allows one in getting loan sanctioned within minutes. In most cases for funding your medical expenses, hospitalization, surgery, no collateral required.

Flexible Options

Wider range of loan amount available and it is up to you to decide the loan tenure. It helps in customizing EMIs as per your budget. All charges are communicated up front in writing along with the loan quotation.

Enjoy the best rates

Our collaboration with major service provider of the field enables us to provide the best prevalent offers. Select the one with the rates and terms, best suited for you. Our loan rates and charges are very competitive & attractive.

Non Collateral Nature

This is unsecured form of credit, i.e. you need not to mortgage any of your valuable assets for accessing this facility. Your trust makes us Loan Trust Capital.

Personal Loan - Eligibility

All the professionals from both- Public and Private sectors, self-employed or any salaried person is eligible to get the loan approved based on the following conditions:


The age of the applicant must be less than 60 years at the time of loan maturity.


The applicant must have at an income of at least 15000 Rs per month.

Credit Rating

The applicant must possess a good rating of bank specified credit score. In general a score of 750 or above is considered good for this purpose and greater the value more is the ease in getting loan sanctioned.

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, there is bound to be a need for the FAQ page.

Yes the loan can be paid earlier, depending upon the terms of lender and as per the offer one selected. All the guidelines and information are provided to the applicant upfront in writing before sanctioning the loan and in most of the cases the prepayment facility is there.

Yes, refinancing and debt-consolidation both facilities are made available to users.

Loan can be applied any time after checking the eligibility criteria. If one is having problem in identifying the eligibility then he/she can contact us. Our efficient and skilled staff will be pleasured to clarify any query. Once getting eligibility established, loan can be asked for anytime and after verification it takes only a few minutes in sanctioning.

We operate from our head-office located in Mumbai (Maharashtra), but anyone can avail the loan facility from anywhere in India at any time, as we are providing services online.

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